EP#233 ~ Navigating the Energy Transition. Who is representing small business in economy wide change?

| Tuesday May 14


Small Biz Matters: People, Policy, Purpose ~ Episode #233
Broadcast date: 14 May 2024
Host: Alexi Boyd, Small Business Advocate & Policy Advisor
Guest: Dr Brendan French, CEO of Energy Consumers Australia

There are some big changes coming down the pipeline for small business; and it involves an input every business needs: Energy. Whether you’re located in a small country town or the middle of a major shopping centre in the middle of the CBD, the energy transition is marching towards net zero with or without you. And the changes will affect many aspects of your business; from the equipment you use to make stuff, to how and where you get your energy from. And once again policy makers are grappling with how to include small businesses in the energy transition.

So what is the transition and how has it already affected your business? What’s in store in the future? Are costs only going to go up? And what about the businesses who have no power over their power?

Luckily there is an organisation which represents small businesses when it comes to the cost of energy, changing to renewables and navigating the maze of unrelatable information for small businesses. Today we welcome Dr Brendan French, the CEO of Energy Consumers Australia to answer all those questions about Energy and small business and explain how ECA is advocating for small businesses in the energy policy space.

PEOPLE –  Tell the audience about how ECA works to advocate for small businesses in the energy system? How does it influence decision makers in Government and what is its relationship with regulators to make the energy system fair and equitable for small business? How do small businesses think about energy and how does the Government think about small businesses? Is there a disconnect?

POLICY - what are the key considerations for small business and energy policy? What do policy makers need to consider as the priorities?

PURPOSE -  The clean energy transition is upon us but many small businesses don’t know what their role is or what deadlines they have to meet. Is there anything the Government can do to keep them informed?

Dr Brendan French is a leading consumer protection and dispute resolution expert, with extensive executive experience across corporate, academic, public, and community spheres.

Prior to joining Energy Consumers Australia as CEO, Brendan championed consumer interests as the Commonwealth Bank’s Executive General Manager Customer and Community Advocacy and before that as Deputy Ombudsman at the Energy and Water Ombudsman NSW (EWON). He also taught in the Law School at Western Sydney University, was a Board director for a number of consumer and charitable organisations, and is a published author of academic and popular texts. Brendan holds a doctorate in the History of Ideas and has been awarded for his innovative work on fostering trust between community, corporates and government.

To find out more go to: https://energyconsumersaustralia.com.au/