EP#234 ~ The Small Business May 2024 Budget Special

| Tuesday May 21


Small Biz Matters: People, Policy, Purpose ~ Episode #234
Broadcast date: 21 May 2024
Host: Alexi Boyd, Small Business Advocate & Policy Advisor
Guests: David Harding, Executive Director BusinessNSW and expert guests from the Budget Lockup

There’s not a lot of small businesses that wait with bated breath each budget night for what’s in it for them, but there is a handful of experts looking out for the needs of small businesses in every single budget. They include Peak business groups, community organisations, industry groups and advocates from all over the country.

Each budget night, they are locked with without their devices, crammed into a room which is never big enough, fed with food that isn’t eaten, and handed a stackof budget papers, and then asked to dissect and unpack them in only two hours. It’s a remarkable feat and takes the best minds in the country. Making it more difficult for small business advocates, is the fact that small businesses are affected by spending decisions every single policy area and every single government department.

On Budget Night 14th of May 2024 Small Biz Matters was lucky to be in the media lock up, unpacking the budget from a small business perspective, surrounded by policy experts from the Community Radio Network, The Wire and leading educational institutions.

After the lock up, I spoke to a number of leading economic experts in the country, unpacking the budget from a small business perspective. 

Then this week I was lucky enough to unpack the budget with David Harding, Executive Director from BusinessNSW, who dissected it from all angles and all policy areas.

We start the show with the small business segment on The Wire, live from the studios of the Press Gallery in Parliament House.

PEOPLE –  Why does the Federal budget mean so much to small businesses? Do you think they listen in, or do they rely on organisations like BusinessNSW to unpack and make the budget info relatable?

POLICY - Tell us about the Federal Budget and what small businesses need to know. Were there any nice surprises or was most of the information generally inconsequential? What are the major areas where the Government has offered support?

PURPOSE -  Do you think it will  it encourage innovation, growth and survival? What does the budget mean for BusinessNSW? How will the announcements make you change direction in your policy and advocacy work representing small businesses?

Chris Richardson, Australia’s leading independent Economist

Bran Black CEO of Business Council Australia

John Grimes CEO of Smart Energy Council

Georgie Dent CEO of Parenthood

David Harding, Executive Director from BusinessNSW

As Executive Director at Business NSW, David leads a number of diverse and capable teams ranging right across NSW's cities and regions, and also sits on the national business Executive Leadership Team.

He is dedicated to ensuring a strong economic and social future for all NSW communities. He is also co-Chair of the Committee for Sydney Commission into the Future of the Sydney CBD, represents customer’s interests at the Australian Energy Regulator and sits on a wide range of other trade and industry groups, policy teams and government boards and taskforces.

A supporter of good social investment, he is a Director of Engineering Aid Australia and works with many other sporting and community charities and foundations in NSW.

Business NSW is focused on the well-being and sustainable growth of our business community. Our purpose is to provide a strong, clear leadership voice for businesses on important economic and financial issues. Working closely with our members and government, we identify key challenges and develop practical policy solutions to ensure that businesses across NSW prosper and grow.

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